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Whether you are interested in purchasing our existing line of silicone home products or wish to begin creating custom designs, we warmly invite you to start the process by requesting a free sample or custom prototype from us. This step allows you to thoroughly evaluate the quality, functionality and aesthetics of our products before submitting a larger order. After satisfactory testing and approval of the samples, we are ready to fulfill your volume order with confidence, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with every aspect of your chosen silicone solution.

Ways to get your sample quickly

1, Order a sample from our current items

Already have your eye on one of our existing products? The next step is to leave your information in the form below and submit it. Our sales team will contact you shortly to confirm more sample details.

2, Send a design file or demo

If you want to customize your product, just contact us and send us the design file or demo. Our factory will make pre-production samples for you.

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