hair massaging brush skalp brush shampoo scalp scrubber brush massager for shower


Size 66*80*30cm
Weight 76g
Handle Material Plastic
Brush Material soft silicone
Type Ionic
Usage Salon shop
Packing Opp bag

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About Scalp Scrubber

WATERPROOF DESIGN: The scalp scrubber is made of waterproof silicone for easy use in the shower.

SOFT BRISTLES: The brush has soft bristles that gently massage the scalp to relieve stress and promote hair growth.

DANDRUFF TREATMENT: The silicone scalp massager helps remove dandruff and prevent hair loss.

PROMOTES BLOOD CIRCULATION: The waterproof design and soft bristles help improve blood circulation to the scalp.

SUITABLE FOR A VARIETY OF HAIR TYPES & SCALP CONDITIONS: We have a wide range of different designs of Scalp Scrubber to choose from, suitable for many different hair types. Some of the products are made of anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic materials to ensure that they are friendly to sensitive scalps, while also helping to inhibit the growth of bacteria and maintain scalp health.


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